Mike Kasianowicz


Mike is our fearless leader!  Or not. He’s the singer, anyway.  And he plays guitar too.

He writes a lot of the songs.  Mostly because he’s a wuss with an acoustic guitar and feelings.  He likes listening to NIN and grunge and all that angsty stuff.


  • Gibson SG
  • Mesa Dual Rectifier
  • Mesa 4×12 cabinet
  • EV N/D767a (microphone)

Scott Isaac


Scott is our real fearless leader – by preventing us from doing incredibly stupid things.  Like turning every song into a ho-down.

When he’s not writing sweet bass lines and vocal harmonies, he’s playing the banjo and/or street racing against hybrid cars.

You can find some of his solo recordings on SONG FIGHT! here.


  • Peavey Cirrus 4
  • SWR SM-500
  • Goliath III 4×10 cabinet

Keven Bump


Keven “appreciates bands like So They Say, Emery, Underoath, Silverstein, and Finch”. I don’t know what that means, but he told me to put it here. His style is most influenced by his childhood drum role model – Adrian Young of No Doubt.

Keven studied snare, mallet, and auxillary percussion under Dave Dickerhoof in North Canton, Ohio for 7 years before moving to Ashland for college. At Ashland University he studied snare and set technique under Jeff Neitzke.

Andrew Kilkenny


Andrew is a fantastic drummer and close friend. He provided the drum tracks on our latest album, but has since moved to Chicago to pursue his dream of making money at a job he doesn’t hate.

We miss his unique style and double pedal drum kicks, fondly dubbed, “buddahs”.


It all started with Andrew and Mike jamming in high school.  Then Mike and Scott met through work.  And then Andrew moved away and we found Keven.  We started the album before Andrew moved away, but we’ve been gigging with Keven.  Admittedly, we haven’t done many shows since starting the album, but we’re looking to change that.